In Touch Review- Bridewell Theatre

“it is well worth seeing for the talented MTA students performances and the wonderful music of Dougal Irvine. “

Last night I watched In Touch, a musical by Dougal Irvine, performed by the MTA  (Musical Theatre Academy) students.  The MTA is a unique training programme for musical theatre performers. It gets the students ready for the industry in two years rather than the traditional three.  I have seen several MTA graduates in shows and concerts and they really are a talented group of performers. That was confirmed last night when I had the pleasure to watch them perform.

In Touch is a unique musical set slightly in the future. The story is based around the internet and how it is running our lives. We trust it and become reliant on it. It provides for us. It questions whether this is a good or bad thing or just simply inevitable in human evolution. In Touch follows several characters, ‘Friend’ who is paralysed and reliant on the internet for communication and ‘David’ an internet addict/expert who hasn’t left his room for six years. ‘Friend’ meets Mairin, a lady damaged by an accident who is also suffering with pressures from her marriage to Eamonn. David meets Megan who idolises David. The internet itself wakes up and hell breaks loose. In the quest to be in touch with everybody are we losing touch with humanity itself?

I really enjoyed In Touch. The MTA students did a great job, giving heart-felt performances and flawless vocals and arrangements of Dougal Irvine songs. I was familiar with a lot of the music beforehand and they really did do justice to some beautiful songs.

Leo Elso as David gave a strong performance and was endearing  as the awkward internet addict. Anastasia Quinton Smith really shone as Megan. Her voice was incredible, especially during her solo song ‘Megan’s Hero’. I thought she portrayed the character wonderfully. Laura Webb played Mairin, the lady tragically injured. Laura has a simply stunning voice and I thought she gave a very heart-wrenching performance. Kieran Kuypers as Mairin’s husband Eamonn, also performed brilliantly, his vocal on ‘The Touch of Love’ was a highlight for me. Anthony Matteo as ‘Friend’ also gave a heart-felt performance.

Mentions have to be given to Anna Reeve Cook, Carl Douglas, Lorin Jane Forster, Zoe Littleton and Debbie Marino, who were the avatars/voices of the internet. They provided some great moments and I was particularly impressed with Zoe Littleton’s performance of ‘Tir Nan Og’.

The story was unusual, but it was well performed both vocally and acting wise. My only issue was the ending. I felt the characters stories weren’t tied up very well. The ending seemed very rushed which was a shame.

However, I’d definitely recommend you catch In Touch if you can! There are four more performances left and it is well worth seeing for the talented MTA students performances and the wonderful music of Dougal Irvine.  It’s great to see something new and fresh.

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