Acoustic Overtures by Dougal Irvine (Album Review)

Available at Dougal's website, Amazon, British Theatre website and itunes

I first knew of Dougal Irvine when I saw him in Wicked several years back. In more recent times Dougal has been working steadily as a writer and composer for theatre and television.  I caught Dougal’s musical Departure Lounge a few times when it was at Waterloo East Theatre. You can read my review of Departure Lounge HERE.

I was so excited when it was announced that Dougal and some great West End talents would be recording an album of Dougal’s music under SimG Productions. Since I got the album on Sunday, I haven’t been able to stop playing it. It’s a wonderful collection of songs and whilst it shows off some talented performers what it really shows off is Dougal’s talent as a songwriter.

Here are my thoughts on the tracks:

Mr Musical-  Amy Pemberton-  A great start to the album. A catchy song with lots of familiar musicals and fabulous lyrics. Amy performs the song wonderfully with great sultry vocals.

Clean Cut Rapper- Dougal Irvine-  This song to me is a ‘typical’ Dougal Irvine song. It is witty and catchy and always makes me smile.

Two Faces- Ashleigh Gray- This is a simply beautiful song.  Lovely lyrics and a gorgeous vocal from Ashleigh Gray.

Silence And The Rain- Cassie McIvor and Daniel Boys-  I think this is another stunning song. Cassie and Daniel’s voices sound beautiful together. This album really shows off Dougal’s talent not only for fantastic songwriting but being able to write such versatile songs.

The Morning After You Do It- Ross Hunter- A very cheeky song perfect for Ross Hunter!

Megan’s Hero- Lauren Samuels- Lauren has such a great voice and is fabulous at acting through song. This song is a perfect showcase for her voice.

Tir Na N’Og- Samantha Barks and Dougal Irvine- I love this song, it is so charming and tells a cute story.

Simple- Michael Jibson-  A lovely song, Michael starts singing it very gently and then shows the power of his voice.  A real soothing song.

Do You Want A Baby Baby?- Julie Atherton-  Julie is a star and this song is wonderfully witty.

Mermaids- Annalene Beechey and Rebecca Lock-  I’m always praising Annalene’s voice but I honestly can’t get enough of it! Rebecca’s voice is also beautiful and with both them singing such a sweet song together is just stunning!

We Need Love- Sarah Earnshaw, Sarah Lark, Stuart Matthew Price and George Ure- A great song from four wonderful performers.

Song For Friends- Dougal Irvine-  I think this is a fantastic song to finish with. It’s catchy and really quite sweet!

I thoroughly enjoyed this album, I’m sure it is going to be amongst my most played CDs.  The album has something for everyone and really does show off what a talented songwriter Dougal Irvine is!

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