Out Of Our Heads- Kooman and Dimond album review

I love discovering new musical theatre writers and asked for some suggestions from my twitter followers about what to check out next. Anthony Barbat on Twitter recommended Out Of Our Heads, by Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond.  I’m glad I took him up on his recommendation as this album is packed full of great tracks by talented Broadway performers. It’s an album which is incredibly musical theatre like, but also has a pop feel about it, making it much more commercial.

Blue HorizonHeidi Blickenstaff-A stunning start to the album.

Random Black GirlPatina Miller-This is a fantastic comedic song. Patina Miller really puts soul into the song. Great lyrics!

Out Of My Head- Natalie Weiss-  Natalie has the most gorgeous voice and really shines in this song.  This song is again, beautifully written and the perfect performer has been chosen to sell the song. One of my favourites on the album.

Drift- Chris Mann- Another catchy song performed well by Chris Mann.

Walking Without You- Kyle Dean Massey- This song is very easy to listen to. One thing that strikes me with this album is that the lyrics are very meaningful which sets it aside from some other musical theatre writers.

The Temp And The Receptionist- Anderson Davis and Patina Miller-  A typical musical theatre song. I think this is a bit cheesy compared to the rest of the album. A funny track though, Anderson and Patina perform it well!

I Think He Likes Me- Kerry Butler-This is a great quirky track. Kerry does a brilliant job performing it, telling the story. It’s one I could imagine Julie Atherton performing.

Lucy’s Laugh- Matt Doyle- A sweet love song. A very subtle vocal. It really works.

To Excess- Christopher Sieber- I like that there is a balance between funny songs and love songs on this album. This is another funny song, the lyrics are amusing about a man who loves a girl ‘To Excess’.  Brilliant!

Beautiful Mistake- Phoebe Strole-  Beautiful. Beautiful voice, lyrics and music. Another highlight of the album for me.

Lost In The Waves- Anderson Davis- A gorgeous end to the album.

I would recommend trying out this album if you’re into new musical theatre writing. It’s a wonderful collection of beautiful songs with great melodies and lyrics.  I believe there is something for everyone, some moving numbers and some funny tracks interpreted by some fabulous Broadway performers.

Coming up next in Music reviews: Tim Prottey-Jones’ second album Surrounded By The Sounds.

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