Lee Mead- debut album review and other upcoming music reviews!

Before I start this review,  I thought I’d mention the albums waiting to be reviewed- some of which haven’t come out yet, but they are definitely on my list! They are ‘Out Of Our Heads’ by Kooman & Dimond recommended by Anthony Barbat on Twitter, ‘Acoustic Overtures’ by Dougal Irvine, ‘Surrounded By The Sounds’ by Tim Prottey-Jones and ‘Self Taught; Still Learning’ by Chris Passey. So the next two months are going to be busy with music reviews from exciting new musical theatre writers.

I decided to listen to and review Lee Mead’s debut album after enjoying watching him in concert (at the Coliseum) and in Legally Blonde. Lee and Daniel Boys were my favourite contestants on Any Dream Will Do and I have followed their work since the television programme.

Lee’s debut album was released in 2007 not long after he won the programme. It has a mixture of songs on it and only one musical theatre song which of course is Any Dream Will Do.  I think it would be odd if he didn’t include that song. The album is mainly made up of pop covers, but not covers that you’d expect him to do.

Gonna Make You A Star– by David Essex opens the album. This is such a cheesy song, but Lee sings it well.

Paint It Black-  by The Rolling Stones – I loved Lee’s rendition on Any Dream Will Do and I’m glad he got to record it. I enjoyed hearing him sing it live last year at the Apollo Victoria’s 80th birthday party and Lee’s Coliseum Concert.

You and Me- by Lifehouse- Another interesting choice for a cover. I think this song suits Lee’s voice well and it’s one of my favourites on the album.

Why Can’t We Make Things Work?- This is a song I can’t get on with on the album. I can’t pinpoint why I don’t like it but it’s one I definitely skip!

Stronger- by the Sugababes- I love the original of this song, but I think Lee’s cover is brilliant. It’s very mellow and easy to listen to.

All That You Know- Not a song I’m familar with but it’s incredibly catchy after the first few listens!

How Can I Be Sure?- by David Cassidy- Another mellow track perfect for Lee’s vocals. He acts through song well portraying the vulnerability needed.

The Best Is Yet To Come- by  Mel C- Another interesting track, formerly performed by a female vocalist. I think this is one of the highlights of the album for me.

When I Need You The Most- written by Gary Barlow- It’s nice to have an original track on the album, especially by someone as talented as Gary Barlow. This is one of the stronger tracks on the album. I really enjoyed it. Perfect for Lee’s voice.

Make It With You- by Bread- I think Lee’s voice sounds amazing when he sings tracks like these. It’s a very soft vocal but you can almost hear him acting through the song. Brilliant.

Any Dream Will Do- by Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice- It’s not surprising to have this track on the album as it was the name of the show that brought him to the public eye in a huge way. It does seem a bit out of place on this album of pop songs but nevertheless it’s a decent version of the song but it is nowhere near my favourite song from a musical.

I enjoyed listening to Lee’s debut album. It was very easy to listen to and it wasn’t a ‘typical’ musical theatre actor’s album. Although, I think it would be nice for Lee to record a musicals album. I’m sure it would sell well.  I will have to add the follow up to my ever growing list of albums to check out!





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