Still….Dreaming Wide Awake: The Music of Scott Alan

Having heard many of Scott Alan’s songs performed by some of my favourite musical theatre singers (Stuart Matthew Price, Louise Dearman and Annalene Beechey), I decided to review Scott’s debut album.  Dreaming Wide Awake was said to be a ‘labor of love’ for Scott. It features some fantastic Broadway singers that really showcase Scott’s lovely music.  It features some stunning songs and in my opinion, is well worth a listen.

I’m A Star- Eden Epinsosa- The album opens with a fabulously performed song by Eden. She has such a powerful voice, truly attacking the song.

Surrender- Cheyenne Jackson- I enjoy listening to Cheyenne’s voice and this song shows off his voice beautifully.

Magic- Adriane Lenox-  Another wonderful song.  Adriane really portrays the feelings of uncertainty and determination in this track. I like the simplicity of the music, although it sounds so beautiful, the main emphasis are the vocals of the performer- it is very special.

Let Love Begin- Tracie Thoms- Some welcome light relief. A great track.

Home- Shoshana Bean- I have heard this song a few times, by several different performers. I think it is a stunning song.  Scott’s songs are so easy to relate to.

Now- Jonathan Groff- Jonathan sings this song, so beautifully.  It’s a heartfelt rendition of a song about love and loss.

Never Neverland (Fly Away)- Stephanie J.Block- I am also familiar with this gorgeous track which I think is one of the stand out songs on the album. I love the lyrics. It is so easy to listen to!

At Seventeen- Carly Jibson and Jackie Hoffman-Some more light relief on an album full of a rollercoaster of emotions. This song looks at the age 17 from a perspective of a teenager and an older woman. Very funny.

If I Own TodayShayna Steele featuring Michael McElroy and Capathia Jenkins-  Lovely track. Music with real feeling.

Kiss the Air -Danny Calvert- This song (about divorce) is so beautiful. Danny sings it so well and portrays the emotion incredibly well. Another highlight of the album for me.

Say Goodbye -Katie Thompson- I like this song, but I don’t think it’s a particularly stand out song on the album.

The JourneyJosh Strickland and Jill Zadeh- A nice ballad- Josh and Jill sound beautiful especially when singing together.

GoodnightLiz Callaway- Goodnight is one of my favourite Scott Alan songs. I adore the version by the wonderful Annalene Beechey. Liz Callaway also performs a wonderful version. The vocal is so soothing.

Hold On- Scott Alan-  It is lovely to hear Scott sing, especially on a track as good as this!

I really enjoyed listening to Scott’s album. It has some great, thoughtful, meaningful tracks performed by some very talented people. Well worth checking out. I look forward to exploring more of Scott’s work in the future.

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