Act One- Songs From The Musicals Of Alexander S. Bermange

Available from Dress Circle

Act One- Songs From The Musicals of Alexander Bermange is the only album to have new recordings of a large number of musical theatre performers. 26 leading ladies and men from West End musicals have come together to record songs from all of Alexander’s musicals.  Here are my thoughts on the album.

Walking On The SunJon Robyns– A pleasant start to the album. Jon has a lovely voice and makes sure every word is clearly understood.

How You Imagine It To Be- Susan McFadden– Really impressed with this number and Susan’s voice. Her voice is powerful and expressive and the song perfectly suits that.

Anyone But You- Jenna Lee James and Dean Collinson– Jenna and Dean’s voices sound brilliant together.

Trail of the Heart- Ricardo Afonso, Cassie Compton and Sabrina Aloueche–  A great track with all three performers having a moment to shine. I’m particulary fond of Cassie’s voice.

I Want To Reach The Stars- Jon Lee– Jon performs this well, although I don’t think it is a stand out song on the album, I think it could grow on me. Alexander Bermange’s lyrics are beautiful.

My Prince- Lara Pulver– A wonderfully performed song by Lara Pulver. She tells the story of the song so well and brings an element of comedy to it.

If This Could Be Better- Linzi Hateley-A very pretty song stunningly performed by Linzi.

More Than A Memory- Oliver Tompsett–  I like this song, great lyrics and music once again and it suits Oliver’s voice well.

The Threshold Of Her Heart- Dean Chisnell and Sabrina Aloueche- Beautiful duet from Dean and Sabrina. Sabrina’s voice sounds captivating.

You Can Read My Heart- Daniel Boys- Really nice to hear Daniel sing a more upbeat song. He has been known as Ballad Boys! He sings this song wonderfully.

Just For One Moment In Time- Summer Strallen- Yet another gorgeous song. Summer’s voice sounds great.

Higher Than A Shooting Star- Mark Evans and Susan McFadden- Love this song. Mark Evans’ voice reminds me of Oliver Tompsett’s, I had to check it wasn’t Oli again. Susan’s vocals again stands out for me, makes me very excited to see her as Elle in Legally Blonde.

I’ve Grown To Learn- James Gillan-I like this song, it reminds me in some ways of Stiles & Drewe who I am particularly fond of! James performs it well.

The Magic’s With Me Tonight- Joanna Ampil- Brilliant catchy song with fantastic vocals from Joanna.

I Only Wish For You- Shona Lindsay, Ramin Karimloo and Dianne Pilkington- Love this trio’s rendition of this song. Their voices blend well with one another. A very strong stand out song of the album.

The Land Of Gold- Earl Carpenter- Not a stand out song for me, although it is well sung, I don’t find it as impressive as the other tracks on the album. It could grow on me though in time.

Where’s The Love?- Janie Dee- I think this is another ‘pretty’ song. I hate overly using that word, but it’s perfect for summing up this song. Janie’s vocals are very gentle in this number and it really works.

Enchanted- Ben James-Ellis and Alexia Khadime- I wasn’t expecting Ben and Alexia’s voices to sound so good together, but they really do. Recently I have become quite a fan of Alexia!

Can’t Get Enough- Sally Ann Triplett- I think Sally Ann Triplett is a great performer. This song is catchy and well performed.

If No-One Loves You- Oliver Thornton- I think this is a great end to an album of stunning lyrics and beautiful music. Oliver’s voice sounds fantastic.

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