All Things In Time- Stuart Matthew Price

Available at itunes, Dress Circle and Amazon

I was recommended Stuart Matthew Price’s album by a good friend and I have to say I’m entirely grateful for that recommendation. The album is a collection of songs by contemporary musical theatre writers from Britain and America.

The Old Red Hills Of Home (Jason Robert Brown) featuring Jason Robert Brown at the piano–  A brilliant beginning to the album. Stuart’s voice is so powerful and he really brings something special to each song he tackles.

The Touch Of Love (Dougal Irvine) featuring Dougal Irvine on guitar– A song from Dougal’s musical ‘In Touch’. I really enjoy Dougal’s writing and Stuart more than does it justice.

Goodnight Kiss (Laurence Mark Wythe) featuring Laurence Mark Wythe at the piano- A beautiful song. I like how the songs on the album are so subtly performed- there’s no big production on it. It’s about the voice, the music and the lyrics. 

Angels (Richard Taylor) duet with Annalene Beechey featuring Richard Taylor at the piano- Annalene and Stuart’s voice together is like a dream. I adore this song.

There’s A World / I`m Alive (Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey)- Another stunning song showing off Stuart’s vocal range. Very catchy and nice to have an upbeat number.

Greenwich Time (Sam Davis & Randy Buck) featuring Sam Davis at the piano- I’m becoming a bit samey, but this really is a fantastic album. I haven’t found a track that I dislike yet, which is brilliant. This track is very mellow and easy to listen to. 

Free (Scott Alan) – duet with Louise Dearman- Big fan of Louise Dearman too, so hearing them both sing such a lovely track is amazing. 

Sonnet XXIX (Georgia Stitt & William Shakespeare) featuring Georgia Stitt at the piano- Stuart’s voice sounds wonderful. The music is so simple but so perfect for his voice. 

Hope Springs Eternal (Richard Beadle) featuring Richard Beadle at the piano- A very soothing song, with smooth vocals from Stuart. 

Run Away With Me (Brian Lowdermilk & Kait Kerrigan)- Another gorgeous song. I am very impressed with the choices Stuart made when picking songs for the album. In my opinion there’s not a dull song on the album and each song is perfect for his voice.

Wishing For The Normal (Stiles & Drewe) duet with Caissie Levy, featuring George Stiles at the piano- As a big Stiles & Drewe fan I’m thrilled that Stuart recorded one of their songs and duetting with Caissie Levy too, another phenomenal performer. 

Midnight Will Happen Without Us (Grant Olding) featuring Grant Olding at the piano- A simply charming song. 

All Things In Time (Jason Robert Brown) featuing Jason Robert Brown at the piano- The title track of the album is a lovely song. 

Autumn Days (Written & played by Stuart Matthew Price)- As well as a very talented performer Stuart writes as well. If this is a sample of what his writing is like then I want to hear more of his material.

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