Michael Bruce- Unwritten Songs (Review)

Michael Bruce’s album produced by Speckulation is a varied mix of new musical theatre songs. Michael’s songs can’t really be specifically placed in one genre as nearly every song is different. We are treated to ballads, uptempo songs and some wonderfully witty songs. Michael’s lyrics are so clever and this album is a joy to listen to.

The album starts with Don’t Wanna Leave You Now performed by Ross Hunter which is an incredibly catchy song. Even Then follows performed by Paul Spicer. This song is completely different to the first- a fantastic power ballad. Next up is the first duet I Want A Man from Sarah Lark and Sarah Earnshaw. Michael Bruce’s songs are full of fantastic lyrics. This song is upbeat, fun and performed brilliantly- with both girls stating what they want in a man. The next song is the mellow Someplace Beyond The Moon performed by Charlotte Wakefield. It is a charming song. I adore Charlotte’s voice. Money Honey is a jazzy number performed by Mark Evans. I like the song, but it’s not a highlight of the album for me. Continental is a very fun song performed beautifully with operatic moments by Emily Tierney. Away is a stunning song that Alex Jessop performs. Quite possibly one of my favourites of a very good album. It’s Not Gonna Rain is such a delicate song that Jessie Buckley hauntingly wraps her vocals around. In complete contrast the album jumps to The Musical Theatre Song a wonderfully wordy song performed by Anna-Jane Casey. I really enjoyed My Kind Of World by Ashleigh Gray which showed off her powerful voice. Portrait Of A Princess is almost the single of the album performed by Julie Atherton. I love this song, full of innuendo and witty lyrics and the video that accompanies it is a treat. I hope it doesn’t overshadow the rest of the fantastic album though. The final duet is Looking Back by Daniel Boys & Alexia Khadime. A lovely duet. Their voices blend beautifully with one another. Unwritten Song is a very moving song, a great end the album with performed by the insanely talented Michael Xavier.

Unwritten Songs offers something for every musical theatre taste. With some phenomenal performances by some top class West End stars, it is perfect for musical theatre fans. I can’t wait to hear more from Michael Bruce.

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