Daniel Boys- So Close (Album Review)

So CloseAn enchanting (!) start to the album. Daniel’s voice in this song, is stunning. It would be great to hear Daniel sing for a Disney film! I’ve included this as the start to the album as there is a rather odd beginning to the album. 1:42 of Nature Boy.

One Day More– This is a great uptempo pop song. Nice to hear from Daniel, as a lot of what I have heard him sing is ballads.

Better Than I– Another slow song, but Daniel sings it well. It really shows of his vocal range.

Annie’s Song– I have listened to many versions of this song. I like Daniel’s. It’s very easy and pleasantĀ  to listen to.

They Don’t Make Glass Slippers– IĀ  really love this song. It’s a very sweet version written by Stiles & Drewe.

I Hope You DanceDaniel proves with this song, that he can sing any sort of genre. A great version of a country song.

Everything Is Beautiful- This is a great cover. I’m aware of the Michael Buble version (known as Everything), but Daniel’s take on the song is fabulous. Again, it’s nice to hear something a bit more upbeat.The song makes me smile.

Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)– A lovely song originally Billy Joel, Daniel’s voice is very soothing. I do find with musical theatre performer’s albums, they do tend to over-enunciate, which is clear in this song, but it’s not a bad thing in my opinion!

Un Dia Llegara– A classical song from Daniel. I’ve heard this performed by Josh Groban and love that version, but Daniel does justice- his voice sounds beautiful.

Always There– Fantastic end to the album. A lovely musical theatre song from the Secret Garden. (I’m excluding the weird inclusion of Nature Boy again!)

Daniel’s debut album is well worth a listen. There aren’t the typical choices of tracks. There’s a bit of Disney, pop, classical and musical theatre.

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