Salad Days Review

“The score is very challenging, but what is most impressive is the talented cast singing unmiked into the large studio.”

I had never heard of  Salad Days until the Tete a Tete production came along and caught my eye. I’m incredibly glad I did go.

Salad Days is set in 1954.  Timothy and Jane have just graduated from University and are pressurised by their respective parents to find a job (Timothy) and a husband (Jane). However, Timothy and Jane decide to go against their parents desires. They marry each other and take the first job which comes their way, which oddly enough is looking after a piano. It’s not a ‘normal’ piano. When it is played it makes people dance uncontrollably. The story continues about the trials they go through to look after the piano for a month. I don’t want to ruin it so I shall stop describing the plot there. What I will say is that it is wonderfully weird and quirky. Salad Days will leave you with a massive smile on your face. A very odd book- but it works. The score is very challenging, but what is most impressive is the talented cast singing unmiked into the large studio.
Sam Harrison plays Timothy utterly adorably, his voice is very strong and he is a great dancer. He has great chemistry with Katie Moore who plays Jane. I was very surprised to read that this production is her professional theatre debut. She looked and sounded like she had been performing professionally for years. Her voice was stunning and her character was genuinely sweet.

Katie Moore and Sam Harrison as Tim and Jane

There are so many characters in this show that apart from the two leads, the rest of the cast cover many roles. I loved this, because we could see just how versatile the cast is.  The fantastic Rebecca Caine is outstanding as Lady Raeburn, her voice soaring beautifully around the studio. Kathryn Martin was wonderful as the sultry singer Asphynxia.
Charlie Cameron had me in stitches from laughing at her dippy character Rowena;  Spencer O’Brien was a believable but likeable posh Lord; Ellie Robertson was fantastic as Fiona. I wish I could list them all- they really were that brilliant.
Salad Days is worth checking out.

It runs until 6th February 2011 at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith.

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